racial and ethnic disparities in health care essay

Our results demonstrate that racial and ethnic minorities, who have historically encountered more disparities in coverage and access, have improved more on these measures under the ACA compared with whites. The theses will be consisting of main chapters including Introduction, Background information and Statistical Data, Research Methodology, Research Findings or Results of the Study, Discussion, Proposed Strategies, Conclusion and Appendix. Lupus is three times more common in African American women than in white women. One recent study has found that black people have a higher incidence of Hepatitis C infection than white people. Methods: Analysis of nationally representative data from the American Community Survey and the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. There continues to be racial and ethnic disparities in the United States, and these problems need to be addressed since the rate of racial/ethnic populations in the country are steadily rising. To achieve this healthy life, people need to have access to the health care system and to a health care provider with whom they can develop a trusting relationship. Barriers and Disparities in Health Care Contractor institutions review all relevant scientific literature on assigned clinical care topics and produce evidence reports and technology assessments, conduct research on methodologies and the effectiveness of their implementation, and participate in technical assistance activities (AHRQ Fact Sheet). To eliminate the racial and ethnic discrimination in healthcare sectors it is very necessary to have a research support so that there could be a better understanding of healthcare disparities among the government, healthcare providers, insurers, employers, hospital staff, physicians, patients and general public. The results will clarify the study finding and highlight the public opinion. Pacific Islanders are more than twice as likely as whites to receive a diagnosis of diabetes. ” (Healthy People 2010) There are many diseases which are very common among the minorities and causing high death rates among them. For example “the women of Vietnamese origin suffer from cervical cancer at nearly five times the rate for white women. aspx. It should be compact and comprehensive. The major problems area will be identified easily. When the medical care and treatment become unequal on racial and ethnic grounds, it gives rise to minorities healthcare disparities. Introduction They also have worse health outcomes for certain conditions. Many of the researches are done under the supervision of credible organizations. Reducing racial disparities across the four regions in the South, Northeast, Midwest and West would support improving mental health access at the national level. It will be the end of research report which will sum up all the information, data, findings, discussion and proposals made within the theses. The minority people are in great need for better medical facilities because they are suffering from severe diseases at higher rates but there is not proper access of minorities to the healthcare facilities. Affordable Care Act Essay Health Care Essay Social Issues Essay United States Essay; Sample image: In the United States of America, there is a wide gap between whites and minority groups when it comes to accessibility to healthcare and insurance coverage. The discussion will be followed by the “Proposed Strategies” where there will be suggestions about the steps that could be taken in order to reduce the disparities in minority healthcare and to create better awareness in nation about the problem. The critique of this article examined disparities addressed but also the lack of other minorities suffering lack of mental health service use. When the medical care and treatment become unequal on racial and ethnic grounds, it gives rise to minorities healthcare disparities. Textbook authors Pérez and Luquis (p. Only 28% receive the pneumonia shot, compared with 61% of whites. The strategies designed by different research organizations are successful in changing nation’s way of thinking or not. ” This report is also available online at http://www. Although it’s hard work and requires lots. Paige S. Hogeland Racial, Ethnic, and Socio-economical Disparities in Mental Health It will be evaluated weather there is complete awareness among the people about the issue or not. “Heart disease death rates are mor Native Americans and Native Alaskans more often lack prenatal care in … ” (Health People 2010) The Hipic population is also facing low level medical care which has resulted in their poor health conditions. The social scientists and psychologists can also dig out some solutions from the thinking style of people and they can also work for changing people behaviors and their perception of the issue. It also examines differences in use of services by priority populations. Save time and let our verified experts help you.

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