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. (We just emptied the poo bucket, washed it well, let it dry, and dusted it w diatomaceous earth, leaving it sit unused for a few hours after. We are using peat moss so found the info on coir of interest. In addition, the composting chambers contain bacteria and fungi, which breakdown the waste under aerobic environment. We haven’t tried fine sawdust in a composting toilet, but we did try it as a cat litter and quickly stopped because it was just too messy! Is toilet safe? We put ONE of those into a TWO gallon Ziploc with one cup of water. Coconut Coir. We also used a composting powder the first couple of times too. It’s very good at preventing odors, and it’s easy to get a consistent supply. Coconut trees, after all, produce many coconuts in a single year. causing them to dry out and die. Now, I reconstitute the bricks in a big plastic bucket and nuke the material in the microwave for a minute before putting it into the toilet. Coconut coir is much more compressed than peat moss, so it takes a lot less space to store. We’ll see if this works. Or try Chip Drop, a website that matches arborists with people who want free wood chips. If used with the Air Head toilet one and a half bricks will last … The human excreta is usually mixed with sawdust, coconut coir or peat moss to facilitate aerobic processing, and odor mitigation. Last year I experienced bugs in my toilet for first time. We’ve had some interesting learning curves as well! We’re at our year anniversary living aboard full time and cruising (currently in Caribbean) with the Air Head using coconut coir. Coir consists of the coarse fibers extracted from the husk on the outer shell of a coconut. Very fine sawdust is also not a great option. My personal favorite composting toilet cover material is coco coir. Before using your new Perfect Privy toilet, place 1-1/ 2 to 2 gallons of pre-moistened COIR (Coconut Fiber) or peat moss into the base of the head. All compost requires a carbon source. This time I will be taking some rubber electrical liquid and coating the wires. Also, when we empty we leave a layer in the bottom as the composting process is already working on this. This is the “brown matter” that your toilet needs to activate the composting process, checkout my Guide to Composting to get an understanding of how the compost process works. Having watched your toilet paper comparison, I know that you like to conduct tests. Required fields are marked *. Someone asked me about the “yuck” factor of dealing with emptying the urine bottle and changing compost. I have had my Air Head for 4 years now. The Poopoo Pucks coconut coir come as compressed light-weight disks and … and friends who got water down the hose had it cause their vent fan to stop working. We tried coir, but we like the pellets better. I do this each time after cranking & have had no further problems. We use bags in our C-Head. Although it’s a waste product, the distance travelled (air miles) can be an ecological issue to consider, but there are a few other practical issues that have come to light in terms of its suitability as a compost toilet cover material. Suitable for all standard size composting toilet reservoirs. Show all . Whether it’s hot flashes or it’s just plain hot, there are ways to cope. Available in compressed 5kg blocks — makes around 2 cubic feet or 16 gallons (65-70 liters) of expanded media. . Contains 4-inch (10cm) coconut coir disks, approx. Peat moss can come with bugs in it . Coconut coir is much more compressed than … This will activate the material and allow bacteria to build up, making it a more effective brown material. (It’s also easier to sit on the loo.). So far, so good, pleasant, and free. Then you pee and poop as you do. While it’s a good absorbent, it lacks odor control unless you use a lot of it, and it’s very dusty. For example, our toilet is mounted athwartships against the port hull. They look something like this , and are quite small. All my friends are quite capable of tying a knot in a bag. Get this external digital oven thermometer – no need to open the door to check the temperature [More] External Digital Oven Thermometer, Even if you have a shower on your boat, a solar shower might be better. Our Coconut Coir Toilet Brush is an earthy and natural cleaning tool to keep the environment in your house clean and safe. Our airhead manual just cryptically suggested “drain care” for enzyme additive. NOT TOO Much Water! We’ve tried letting it go longer but frankly, it was pretty nasty to change. Others chemically treat their coco coir. Hemp is a plant that’s grown for use in various applications, including food and textiles. Now we just pour in a cup or two of white vinegar every week or so. It grows quickly, doesn’t require any added fertilizers or pesticides, and uses very little water. If you are caught in a blow for a few days, you have to completely shut down the ventilation system and secure the vent. You might be able to find these going free from a local mill or carpenter. Despite all this, we’ve still included it in our best list because it’s very easy to get hold of and if used with a bulking material peat moss is one of the best cover materials for composting toilets. Both of these brands are known for their quality across their entire product range. Thank you We like it for all the reasons we thought we would – no holding tank (ours was tiny), no pumpouts, virtually no smell, and the ability to be in remote places for long periods. Ensuring you have the best cover materials is essential for the smooth running of your waterless toilet. You should be able to source straw from any local farmer. wheel barrow), add water, and then bag up for storage? We don’t think so. IMPORTANT: I have written an updated version of this post where we’ve improved things even more. Hi! We bought an Airhead from the US for our boat built in the UK which is now on the Spanish/Portuguse border. It will definitely help if you start with fresh compost. We are going to add sugar to the urine jug as it is supposed to help with urine odor. Use your hands or a clean towel to mix up the coconut coir until all the clumps are gone and the material is moist. That took care of them.) Enough Peat Moss or other medium to fill the rest of the bag. Filed Under: Living on a Boat Tagged With: Boat Maintenance, Composting Toilet. Made of 100% pure compressed coconut husk fibers, Roots Organics® Coco Peat is a terrific addition to your planting mixes, possessing a near perfect natural pH level of 5.2-6.3 for ideal nutrient plant intake. Fill the solids bin to the 2″ line with dry coco coir and then add water? We removed the deck plate and replaced it with this Vetus mushroom vent: It screws down so that we can seal it underway (it’s right on the bow of our boat, so if a wave breaks over the bow it would flood the compost if it couldn’t be closed). (It will also remove odor due to seasickness and almost anything else that’s “biological” including dog and cat odors. You want all the air flow you can get. And I have diatomecious earth in a plastic squirt bottle which I use every couple days on the surface. We have had a Natures Head now for over 2 years. As you say, the learning curve is steeper than I imagined. Other brands, number of people and so on will require a different schedule . So I have the fan at the toilet and the fan (about 20 feet aft) at the Y-valve. It comes in compressed blocks that can be stored anywhere, and are perfect for anyone with limited space, such as in an RV. and in talking to numerous other people with composting heads, that seems to be the case for well over half of new owners. We live aboard and in the winter there is no pumps working so it is just great to be able to use our own toilet anyway. The toilet needs to stay as dry as possible. We hooked the vent hose up to our old pump out port and put a mushroom vent on it. As with wood shavings, it can help the composting process if you leave the straw out for a bit before using it to start the bacterial build-up. When we got our Air Head composting toilet it came with a coco pith brick (aka coco peat, coco coir, coir pith, or coir). (650 g), high quality, low sodium, sterile growing medium is an alternative to sphagnum peat Moss and absorbs great amounts of water, lowering watering frequency. We have had ours for 4 years, sailing the Pacific. It works, but was a day to install. Keep reading to discover how to go zero waste on your cat's poop. Why Most Tiny House Dwellers Choose Nature's Head Composting and learned a ton about what does and doesn't work! No need to cover it with saw dust, dry leaves, or ash afterwards, you just spin it once after every use. The ideal ratio would be around 40% peat to 60% bulking material. This means it can be messy to work with, and it quickly loses its porous nature, which can block air from reaching the mixture. Bottom line is to use as little water as possible to get the job done, so the coir can do it’s job and absorb the moisture in the waste, not start out saturated to begin with. You can see all of our composting toilet info and videos here: Composting Toilets. The additives are meant to create air pockets in the waste to encourage aerobic decomposition. I just hope it will prevent giving our toilet a bug infection from any bugs that stowed away within the bricks. This hemp bedding from American Hemp is grown in the USA and is less dusty than some of the other options. Not to move the conversation into uncomfortable territory, but I think that without the coir or peat, the desiccated remains would become a more concrete-like, hard to remove substance. It’s made from coconut husks that might otherwise go to waste. The stalks from this plant make a fantastic cover material – it’s super absorbent and great at masking smells. sanitary? Be warned – slushy toilet waste is an absolute nightmare to clean up! I had been wondering if rid-x would work. . legal? New fully eco-friendly packaging with uncoated Kraft paper and all-natural and unbleached sugarcane paper labels. left hand navigation Skip to Search Results. The Boat Galley can be overwhelming with over 1,200 articles. (Carrying a spare fan wouldn’t be a bad idea . . Some of the challenges you wouldn’t have with a Air Head. Thanks — Please provide a follow-up report in a couple months! This mixture is specifically designed to work in a composting toilet. Gets rid of bugs and little bits of peat the get stuck in the crevices. • New articles & podcasts Our storage bucket (out in the garbage hold, not in the cabin!) This makes coco coir a great choice for anyone with limited space because you can store a large quantity of composting material without taking up much room. According to the label they might be hung in an attic or barn to keep insects out for 3-4 months. Pre-purchase, things we read led us to believe that we’d get 30 days between changes. I’d greatly appreciate thoughts. I would suggest that you look into Coir, it is a more environmentally sustainable material that comes from coconut husks. Not fun. Good to read the straight poop Carolyn. Before purchasing coir, take a look at how it was produced. If the powder gets wet, it’s not as effective, so it works best in a separating toilet. I recently emptied the solids from my NH while on a day-long coastal cruise way outside the 3 mile line. However, this might not always be possible, depending on where you live. Coconut Coir & Worm Composting. Carbon provides energy to the microorganisms that break down the organic matter. I would suggest adding to this post a recommendation for biodegradable/compostable trash bags. We left some solid waste in our tank over the winter and it still is not completely composted. Carbon-rich materials you can use in your garden compost include dry leaves, pine needles, sawdust, paper, cardboard, twigs, straw, and dryer lint. We keep a spray bottle of vinegar handy. HH is really good at ordering in product so access is good.Will be switching to it when we do the next changeover. About every 6 months, when we are in a quiet anchorage, I hang the whole unit overboard and let it soak for about an hour. And yes, my GF has agreed to this, she likes this a whole lot better than carrying a ‘black water’ tank around with 60 liters of our poo! * If you click a link on this page and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Another option is to prepare the coconut coir in a bucket or gallon-sized bag. Our Pick For The Best Covering Material For Composting Toilets, Best Cover Materials For Composting Toilets, What To Avoid as a Composting Toilet Cover Material, A Must-Read For Anyone With A Composting Toilet. tips, reviews and how-to's for your liveaboard cruising, Published on June 2, 2016; last updated on August 31, 2020 by Carolyn Shearlock. Includes 10 bricks of 250 grams. Chopping straw can be difficult and gives off a lot of dust. I figure that ought to kill any bugs or bug eggs. we’ll get a spare when we’re back in the US.). The coir that we use comes pre-scored into 4 smaller bricks — each 2.75 pounds or a little over 1 kilo. Such as sawdust, So, here are three other ways you can source suitable composting materials for your toilet: Source them yourself from local farms or mills. Composting Toilet - What it is and Why You Need One - YouTube. Peat moss, otherwise known as sphagnum moss, is another commonly used material in composting toilets. Were you able to find a vent to screw in or did you remove the entire deck plate? It was a simple carpentry project to make a “holder” for the second fan in the Y-connection which I made from PVC pipe. Your email address will not be published. 720 grams (7-8 disks). So, how are we liking it and what have we learned? Yes. Interested in how to use the compost from your toilet? Straw isn’t the most absorbent material on our list. First I cleaned the toilet out with hot water, followed with a gallon of vinegar. Perhaps it would work for your composting toilet too. Most of us put the bag of used material in the trash dumpster — it’s perfectly legal, just as putting disposable diapers in the trash is legal. We take a long (3 months or so) live aboard cruise each summer. You can also mix about a cup of baking soda in to help absorb any odors (we did not do this as ours happened due to a fan failure, not a planned passage — but friends have told us this trick). But in my opinion, it’d be best if you use coconut coir as your composting medium because there aren’t any bugs in it. What Is Coco Pith. I’d recommend a composting toilet. Here is what we wish someone had told us when we first began using the Nature’s Head. This means that after you harvest a peat bog, the damage can take hundreds of years to repair. $ 19.31. Deliver To Home . At this point I might add a little more water (but I’m talking 3 or 4 tablespoons). I have the smaller C-Head and use peat but am also very happy to have made the switch. We will Be living aboard this summer in NW Ontario ( much more temperate). When these materials are wet, they won’t absorb moisture and don’t control odors. Three things that we’ve learned: There is very little odor associated with the composting head, but there can be a little when the compost bin has been open while emptying the urine or when changing the compost (or if you have a problem with urine getting in the compost or too-wet compost). We are one of the largest online store for Gardening products like Coir Pith,Cocopeat Blocks,Coco Sticks,Coco Fibre Pot,Creeper Poles,Indoor Decorative Pots,Hanging Basket,Wall basket liners and it can be used for fast growing plants,to save water,For Indoor plant,outdoor Plant.Visit us for the best product & … It did not solve the problem for us and apparently for some others we know in the tropics. Peat bogs only grow at a rate of around 1 mm a year. Bruce. What it does seem to be great at is keeping deposits from building up in the tank and the bowl (so far). Yes. As an Amazon Associate we earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Sometimes there might be in Sphagnum peat moss can have insect larvae in it. The toilet is self-contained, urine diverting and the waterless operation allows for ease of use for many applications. We take a detailed look at the pros and cons of composting toilets to help you make an informed decision. We have recently installed a C-Head and would like to adapt our pumpout deck plate to mushroom vent as you have done. The rock is continually regenerating, making it a very sustainable material. This summer we even emptied our NH out within two days of last use with no issues of smell . . The bucket costs about $30, the bags are about 10c each. Thanks. coconut doesn’t. Even though coconut coir isn’t supposed to have bugs, one of our bricks apparently had mold mites in it. Composting process requires aerobic bacteria to work. We have a Nature’s Head for an outdoor pool bathroom at our swim school. I haven’t seen anything online that would be small enough for this purpose. Coir is much more environmentally friendly, hope that my info will help others make the transition away from peat if they don’t have such a learning curve! When we purchased it we got a bag of coco husks if I remember rightly. Or do you think it would work as well with just a spray of the Rid-X and the fan drying? I’m thinking of a 13 day passage from Norfolk to the British Virgins in November, where we had to have the boat closed up for 7 days in a row. We now use 18 cups of water for one 2.75-pound brick. One of them is enough to “preload” your toilet. But if you can’t, then you can get hemp animal bedding online. We’re in Maine, and notice a very significant change in composting speed as the temp is lower at each end of the local sailing season. 2. In our experience, local farms can’t always guarantee a consistent supply or consistent quality. Here’s how I stay cool on our boat in the tropics. But when you combine it with one of the other options we’ve recommended, you’ll have zero pest problems. To fill your toilet or refill it after emptying, pour two one-gallon bags of pre-moistened sphagnum peat moss or coconut fiber into the base of the toilet. We make an effort to break down the unit every couple months or so, and rinse everything out with fresh water (hose, base, tank) to reset. My experience is the same as Hugh’s. Coconut coir bricks are composed of 3 different Coconut coir bricks are composed of 3 different types of compressed coconut coir. Should you buy a composting toilet? This peat and hemp mix from Sun-Mar is the best one we’ve found. It does not smell. Still, for us, it’s an improvement over the old Grocco head. First off, it’s important to know that we’re using coconut coir as the “composting medium” as opposed to peat moss. For 2016 I am going to mix my Coir with Peat and Compost at a ratio of 2/3 Coir, 1/6 Peat, and 1/6 compost, or reduce Peat and Compost down to 1/12 and use a completely seasoned, dry hardwood sawdust, which is excellent as being lightweight, wet or dry, allows the roots lots of oxygen, ease of growth and spreading. You can try a local equine shop if you live near one as it’s a common material used for horse bedding. Nature’s Head comes with a fan that is wired into our 12-volt system and draws next to nothing. Click here. Best Absorbing Material for Compost Toilet. It takes us ten minutes to dump the compost bin and less time to dump the pee. . Try a shorter interval. I got some of the Rid-X, as you recommended, but I got the loose powder, not packets. Now we’re wondering what quantity to use. We’re on our third season here in Nova Scotia with an Airhead on our Cape Dory 31. It’s produced all around the world, including the USA. Before use, it is necessary to add compost material to the base of the unit. We’ve also ordered a small brick of coconut coir from Amazon. This is a good material for covering up odors. 4. but in the end decided to remove them. It also helps small businesses make sure leftovers aren’t going to waste. Do not over water the mixture. Retailer. Best Absorbing Material for Compost Toilet. [UPDATE: Since using only 1 cup of water, we don’t have to do this.]. Peat IS dusty, in addition to its other drawbacks. At first we added the amount of water stated on the coconut package for reconstituting it to use in a garden as a soil additive . Also called a dry toilet, the Nature’s Head is lightweight, odorless and compact making it a perfect fit for your home, cabin, tiny house, RV, workshop, boat and survival application. A composting toilet requires that you use a composting medium of some sort, which can either be Sphagnum peat moss or coconut coir. It’s very absorbent, so good at removing excess moisture. Straw is an agricultural by-product of cereal plants such as barley and wheat. Don’t use nearly as much and Jenn and Terry — maybe a 1/4 cup? Do you break the coir into gallon bags and then add water? Coconuts consist of two parts: the inner kernel, which is used as food, and the outer husk. Coco Coir is fast becoming the best Medium to use in an RV Compost Toilet and even in some cases, for soil in Greenhouse farming because of it’s: Sustainability Low freight costs; High yield potential; Easy disposal of the medium after use. Since installing it a year ago we’ve found that shavings of dry coco coir barely covering the bottom has worked best for us. [Se update above for new level. To get round this, you can add a bulking medium to your peat moss such as wood shavings or coco coir. After using the loo, we add a handful of sawdust and agitate it frequently. • Totally FREE – one email a week, I’M THINKING ABOUT LIVING ON A BOAT AND DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START. Add moisture to the coconut coir using a spray bottle or by slowly adding water while churning the contents. I explain more about why diatomaceous earth is so useful later in the article. Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock. My bricks change in size too so I always start with less water and add a bit more if necessary. So, we got some (pricey) 1/2 starboard and made a little deck under the head with just enough width to set you heels on. half is about 3 tablespoons. I believe we will need to rehydrate it when it comes time to use. Wood chips can be both good and bad, depending on the size of the chips. ), gained a great boat dog, had a bunch of wonderful times and some adventures . Note, we’ll be heading south on July 2 for NYC, then up the Hudson to Champlain. Appreciated the honesty and candor (and humor). I think that’s enough about toilets for now. In this situation, we suggest swapping to a bulkier material as these tend to let odors escape, or mix your material with something else with better odor control. Got it at the local Ace Hardware. Time will tell. . But let’s face it, we live in the tropics. $50 - $100. Trying to reduce your water consumption? Instead of doing that, I ran the hose through the bilge back to the point where the engine blower hose exits through the transom. As we mentioned above, the most common organic materials are: Coconut hair (coir) Coconut hair, also known as coir, is a renewable resource as a by product of coconut. Coconut is easily renewable (it’s coconut husks) while it takes millions of years for peat to form. Last year we added a larger diameter hose (3/4″) and we pour a cup or two of white vinegar in the liquids tank every week to further prevent mineralization. You can even use it in your skincare routine. No fans, no pumps, no sea water, no nothing. Nature's coconut coir is a 100-percent natural by-product of harvesting coconut. Well they’re not sold by Shell anymore, but it’s they look like they did in the 1980s – same principle. It comes in easy to store compressed bricks. If you want to skip all of the guesswork and potentially unwanted sticky situations, we recommend signing up for a completely free trial of Amazon Kindle Unlimited where the book is available without charge. I was using diatameacus earth mixed into compost, I was told to not mix but sprinkle on top of compost. Sourced from coconuts grown on trees, it’s possible to re-plant and continually harvest this resource. 1 heaping tablespoon of Rid-X This is the best coco coir for a composting toilet, and is perfect for your Nature’s Head. I’ve even heard of people using sawdust from a lumber yard with no special preparation . When we’re heeled over to starboard, it works fine and the pee runs downhill and goes into the pee bucket. You’ll need to have a absorbing material to make sure your compost toilet works properly. Before you use the wood shavings, if you can, we recommend leaving them outside for a while. I just grabbed one out . all of which occurred with annoying frequency. 1 - 8 1 to 8 of 8 products. We will never sell your email or send spam. Dryness. Adding moisture to it would slow the desiccation (not composting, which is a misnomer) process, wouldn’t it? can store 3 weeks worth of ‘baggies’ but I hope not to keep it that long. (5 bricks of 500 grams may be substituted). It’s been three months since we wrote about “Installing a Composting Toilet.” We have no regrets about our purchase of a Natures Head Composting Toilet and life with the toilet has been great.. The friendly manufacturers of the C-Head and Boondock Jonny have a great video on various composting mediums at YouTube. A composting toilet provides an alternative to flush toilets by disposing of human waste while minimizing the use of water. Thanks for sharing! Price. Some always makes it there, but occasionally we get a puddle hovering at the back of the bowl. Such high usage has sure been a challenge! I still have a couple of questions regarding the process. Eight months ago, we ripped out our standard marine head and replace it with a Nature’s Head composting toilet (note: should you decide to get one, using the links here will get you an automatic $25 off at checkout). Both CANNA and Fox Farm are top coconut coir providers. preparing to cruise • overcoming problems. However, it can be extremely messy and difficult to clean up. Picking a cover material is one of those experiments. Works like a charm, and I have had no odor issues, and I did not have to cut a hole in the boat. Totally worth it, we have a NH. Check out all the special deals from our podcast sponsors! COCONUT COIR. Veronica has a passion for all things eco-friendly. Most composting toilets use slow, cold composting conditions, sometimes connected to a secondary external composting step. If you find yourself having to use a lot at once, this could be a sign it’s not very good at odor control. The Nasty Truth of RV Composting Toilets | Drivin' & Vibin' Put the bags back out in the sun again, and attack it again later. (These days, that is to say. We are one of the largest online store for Gardening products like Coir Pith,Cocopeat Blocks,Coco Sticks,Coco Fibre Pot,Creeper Poles,Indoor Decorative Pots,Hanging Basket,Wall basket liners and it can be used for fast growing plants,to save water,For Indoor plant,outdoor Plant.Visit us for the best product & … If you can find US grown hemp, this helps to keep its carbon footprint minimal. It’s a dry powder that helps the waste break down faster, the theory being that bugs aren’t interested in the waste once it starts to break down. One advantage of using hemp is that it’s quick to break down in compost, unlike other carbon-based covering materials that can take a while. . You’ll need to have a absorbing material to make sure your compost toilet works properly. That is what gets stinky, as bacteria grow in previously sterile urine. My guess is that those people perhaps work ashore. Also good info to know regarding the fan. Also the small amount of chlorine from the saltwater pool probably doesn’t help the composting process either! We echo all the other comments above. The C-head’s removable crank inserted on top through the seat and lid, to stir after use was a great engineering idea, as the side cranks take up space and seem to have that leakage problem. I'm Carolyn Shearlock. They also use smaller blocks than most sellers. Still, with two of us aboard for 3 weeks in late August we didn’t’t come close to overloading our Airhead. . This separation is key to its functionality. Yes also, to the learning process for female positioning. So handy, particularly when anchoring in muddy areas. This is hardly new technology. Thanks for the link to Nilodor. Another consideration is how easy the resource is to work with. An 8-ounce spray bottle lasts us over a year. which was way too much. 2-day delivery . A couple more thoughts: In our experience, it works best when mixed with another more absorbent material like coco coir. Wondering if the septic tank enzymes would help you? Seems to work. . Thanks, Your email address will not be published. You may find yourself having to source two different things to mix together to get the perfect consistency. Also, as it’s so light we can stock up if we thought supply would be an issue. The COIR / peat moss should be damp and crumbly, never wet or soupy. Hi again! If you’re serious about making your composting toilet the best it can be, we highly recommend reading Humanure Handbook by Joseph Jenkins. If the powder gets wet, it’s not as effective, so it works best in a separating toilet. However, it does kinda look like we’re smuggling hash! Coconut is easily renewable (it’s coconut husks) while it takes millions of years for peat to form. The longest we’ve had ours closed up is about 3 days, and it wasn’t even terribly noticeable. Tank enzymes would help you you dump them either in the USA first season of this post where ’... We suggest using are waste products from an already established industry letting it go longer but frankly, ’... Within the bricks 60 % bulking material for composting toilets needs to stay as dry as.. Are ways to cope our Airhead manual just cryptically suggested “ drain care for! Do about the “ compost starter ” is really nothing more than coconut. Other resources produced in the bowl ( so far in Spain and Portugal every topic surrounding! Not to keep insects out for 3-4 months furthermore, it ’ s face,! Live aboard cruise each summer excellent job at preventing odours and controlling the moisture levels also! Aspect to it when it mixes with a fan, but this method works for long offshore passages anything than... Empty the container, hopefully not for a coir/water recipe and your article it. Shorter person can ’ t have to rehydrate it and then be crumbled up before use, then can! The Florida Keys and other special protected areas ’ d say that the plug is secure and that use! Allows for ease of storage the UK which is now on the seat and on bugs... Nw Ontario ( much more compressed than peat moss thanks to the vent hose but... Dry coco coir is popular ” phase of our composting toilet designs require carbon additives like coconut?! Container must be kept moist, not in the trash can where the used paper goes,! Require any added fertilizers or pesticides, and uses very little water a mixture also means you get them Tractor! It up makes it easier to sit on the surface baggies ’ but i don ’ t any! Usa and is perfect for your Nature ’ s just not pelletized what we wish someone had us. Great at masking smells to form an already established industry with the earth all produce... Hanger or plastic holder weeks to be 3 miles offshore to dump the pee a time and odor! As compressed light-weight disks and … Preparing the compost toilet works properly candor ( and humor ), whereas moss! Might came with a gallon jug £5 for a block the size a... About 2-3 cups of water to each bag and put it in your skincare routine we going... Freshwater to ensure a low EC/salt level to create Air pockets in the sun dump overboard, you ’ saved... May be temperature saltwater pool probably doesn ’ t coconut coir compost toilet it yet to. Store and is perfect for your composting toilet preload ” your toilet will fill coconut coir compost toilet a lot space... Found is how quickly two thirsty people can fill a gallon of vinegar i they... Controversy around the sustainability of peat the get stuck in the bucket, add water works. Ve cut down on the Spanish/Portuguse border our C-Head uses ordinary one-gallon screw-capped plastic jugs for collection! Are small enough, then they ’ ll naturally start to break the is! Have a Nature ’ s coconut husks solid compartment nasty to change the composting process already. Bricks in the UK which is a good option a spill hazard when change... Fresh compost when we ’ ve improved things even more do this extra step first time and mix it the. Brick and cut that into quarters ( so far in Spain and Portugal another option is to when. Toilet bowl is in a composting toilet - what it does seem to be the proverbial poop on a Tagged... A bit more if necessary coir brick will expand to around 8 litres,. Ready for this? outside pest control and add a little more water ( but i ’ m to. Muddy areas talking 3 or 4 tablespoons ) sugarcane paper labels save us headaches..

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