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Our Jasper is an adorable blond and blue-eyed boy with eyes like a piece of Jasper so the name suits him to a T. I love that the name is not over-used so that it retains uniqueness. Originally sent to Earth to aid Peridot on her mission, she became corrupted after fusing with one of the Corrupted Gems that she had held captive in "Earthlings". Jasper Grant- youd have 3 J and 2 G middle names: Jasper Cain- idk why but I like it! I have this problem with the JasperServer report I'm trying to create: I have several db tables, named using a name and a date like … Biblical: the jasper mentioned in the Book of Revelation actually may refer to a diamond. omg I love the name Jasper! 1 decade ago. Flint, chert, and jasper are a few of the many names used for microcrystalline quartz. Names like Jasper? While the name does not appear in the Bible, it was first cited in Medieval tradition. Lv 6. A surname . Brecciated Jasper is form of Jasper, which the multi-colored layers are enclosed together with a grey substance. periwinklebloom member. Zebra Jasper,1 also known as the Corrupted Jasper Fusion, is the fusion of Jasper and corrupted Ocean Jasper. In 1907, Jasper Forest Park was created and the name Jasper was chosen because of its historic association with the area. However, I'd advise against the name Archie. Alternate spelling of Jasper Yasper Jasper in the categories Names Boy's name Boy names with J Names with J Parents who like Jasper also like Noah Finn Liam Mila Samuel Emma Max Lucas Ella Charlotte Benjamin Alexander Mia Oscar Mason Sophia Isabella Olivia Joshua Luca Jasper in the Top names Australia 2016 New Zealand 2016 Unfortunately being a teacher I taught a boy who was named Jasper … It is opaque because it contains enough non-chalcedony material to interfere with the passage of light. "Jasper" is a name based upon three things: 1) crystal size, 2) composition, and 3) diaphaneity. Jasper is my son's name and I couldn't be happier that we chose this name. I think Jasper Dylan sounds great with Sawyer James, Aspen Jane, Hazel Grace and Hudson Jude! Because he is “mixed caste,”… read analysis of Jasper Jones Jasper crystal properties are known for helping to inspire you to act on your passions, so if you notice an increase in your couch potato habits like marathoning TV shows, it's time to call on the gentle yet powerful healing properties of this rustic and stable stone. Meanings Arabic Baby Names Meaning: In Arabic Baby Names the meaning of the name Jasper is: Keeper of the treasure. Most people would associate the name Archie with … Starting in Season 3, he replaces Gooch as the new cashier at Junk N' Stuff and, consequently, the lookout for the Man Cave. He looks like a chucker-out in a back-street pub. carlisle I've known several cat Jaspers over the years, but I think it's too good a name to be just for the cats - go for it! The only name he has come up with is Jasper. Jasper TBD Dunlop is one of the tritagonists in Henry Danger. Some other suggestions. On the far-most left panel, one finds a blurred image of Duchamp and his initials "MD." We just found out we are having a boy, and my husband turned down all of my name suggestions (my favs were: Milo, Henry, Arthur, Tucker). If your name is Michael and your father’s name is William, you might have been called, in the old days, Michael Williams, Michael Williamson, Michael Wills, Michael Wilson, Michael Wilkins, Michael Wilkinson – any of those. His name sounds like the hero of a servant's novelette, but he doesn't look like that. The list of varieties is endless which reflects the colors, patterns and styles available in this unique gemstone. BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Jasper is a city in and the county seat of Jasper County, Texas, United States. Jasper Cade. While many of the elements seem to be clues to a secret meaning, one overt reference reminds the viewer of Johns's debt to his mentor, Marcel Duchamp. February 2013 in Baby Names. Painter Jasper Johns. Jasper is an opaque form of Chalcedony, which is a microcrystalline variety of the mineral Quartz.It often contains an abundance of impurities, and therefore some regard it as a rock instead of a mineral. Dynamic parameter of table name in Jasper [duplicate] (1 answer) Closed last year . I used to like the name Jasper despite the fact that my grandfathers dog was a Jasper. edward. He is portrayed by Sean Ryan Fox. We almost used Jasper and picked Dylan for the middle name. He, Charlotte, and Henry are all best friends. Haematite is a grounding stone, which makes this stone an excellent gemstone for assisting you to make your feet on the ground and for endorsing feelings of stillness and wholeness, as well. well, thinking of the twilight saga here: emmett. Baby names that sound like Jasper are Esbern and Osbert. Like with many of Johns's works, the various elements combine into layers of possible meanings. I need some last names that flow well with the male name Jasper. <3. Click Here to submit a cat name! Marley. Musia. I want them to be attractive and not too common but not strange either. He has a rivalry relationship with Henry's sister Piper. I like it, although I am not sure I love it. I am writing a book and the character will be called Mr._____ a lot so his surname not only need to sound well with his first name … It is a form of Jasper that consists of Haematite. Please help out by adding what you know about "Jasper" using the comment section below: Other recommended cat names: Val (Valentine) Buppha. 1 0. cuddles_gb. Jasper is a microcrystalline quartz with an opaque diaphaneity. The name lives on. We don't have any history, definition or meaning data for the cat name "Jasper" yet! Though it has never been a blazing-hot name in the US, it has maintained a position on naming charts for more than 100 years. 0 0. kittypet130. Jasper is a perfect name for those parents looking for a modern baby boy name with biblical roots. While her gemstone and name are not mentioned on-screen, the fusion's design was confirmed by Rebecca Sugar to be inspired by the gemstone zebra jasper.1 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History … Our content is doctor approved and evidence based, and our community is moderated, lively, and welcoming.With thousands of award-winning articles and community groups, you can track your pregnancy and baby's growth, get answers to your toughest questions, and connect … From Latin Gaspar, perhaps from the biblical Hebrew word גִּזְבָּר (gizbar) meaning "treasurer", derived from Persian ganzabara.This name was traditionally assigned to one of the wise men (also known as the Magi, or three kings) who were said to have visited the newborn Jesus.It has occasionally been used in the English-speaking world since the Middle Ages. We're trying to decide on a boy name and it is so hard! For more information, see also the related name Kaspar. In 1913, when the name Fitzhugh fell out of favour, the name Jasper was also adopted by the townsite within the park boundaries. Instead, their use is often based upon the background of the person speaking, the geologic occurrence of the material, the properties … This fusion resulted in Jasper's corruption. Jasper is also the name of an opaque quartz gemstone and one of the Magi (aka the Three Wise Men) who brought gifts to newborn baby Jesus on Christmas Day. You definitely couldn't go wrong with a name like Jasper. Jasper is a Homeworld Gem and former antagonist who was first indirectly mentioned in "The Message" and made her official debut in "The Return". Jasper Jones is a half-white, half-Aboriginal fourteen-year-old who enlists Charlie ’s help in hiding Laura Wishart ’s dead body, thereby setting off the events that make up the novel’s plot. Detailed Meaning. names like Jasper. Jasper's legacy Jasper is the modern English form of the name used by one of the three wise men (or Magi) who brought gifts to Jesus Christ at his birth. ". I like your suggestion of Jasper Grey (I prefer the E). These names are not systematically used. Jasper sounds like a sly robbers name like the one of 101 Dalmations! Jasper has 4 variant forms: Gaspar, Gasper, Jaspar and Jesper. One of the Magi, also known as Caspar. 1 decade ago. It's also a very standout name, so it doesn't blend right in with all of the other 'trendy' names these days. It's like, totally awesome! Posted 12/09/2015. Jasper is usually associated with brown, yellow, or reddish colors, but may be used to describe other opaque colors of Chalcedony such as dark or mottled green and orange. Another common misnomer in the gemstone world is Dalmation Jasper which, like the Bumblebee Jasper is not Jasper at all. I've known just one human Jasper, a much-missed old friend of the family, a fantastic character, an eccentric and a proper old hippy. Jesus would have been known as Yeshua ben-Jehosaph, meaning Jesus the son of Joseph. myaprilbaby14. She debuted in the episode "Earthlings". I love the name jasper (: dont take this the wrong way, but its the name of my cat. The Jews in the time of Jesus didn’t have names like that.

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