is santol a citrus fruit

), but is actually native to Malaysia. 5 – Sapodilla Fruit: The fruit is roughly the size of a strawberry and has a complex taste that includes honey, citrus and pineapple. Custard apple Cherimoya, or custard apple , is a deciduous plant found in the high lying mountainous areas of South America. The santol ("Sandoricum koetjape", syn. Santol. Santol tropical fruit is native to Southeast Asia but now introduced to Sri Lanka and India. Santol – Santol – Santol fruit is very popular in the Philippines (especially with the kids! The adjective velvet is a reference to the fruit’s skin, which is thin but tough and papery. The magnesium in fruit helps dilate blood vessels, dissolve any developing blood clots, and protect against heart muscle and arterial spasms. As the fourth most plentiful mineral within the body, magnesium has been shown in clinical trials to lower blood pressure over three months of use. 3 – Snake Fruit: Snake fruit, also called a salak fruit, is a fruit grown on species of palm trees called salak. Santol. The inner lobes that cover the seeds have a spongy, cotton-like texture and taste sweet. This exotic treat from Southeast Asia has an unusually thick skin with white-colored flesh inside. High quality fruit piles high in markets, street corners, and fruit shops in every nook and cranny of Mexico. 19. Its name originated from the Malay word "rambut" which means "hair". 4 – Santol Fruit: Santol fruit is a tropical fruit that is grown in Southeast Asia. Santol Skip the seeds. The fruit skin must be peeled leaving the rind and seeds to be pickled. This fruit is also small, not bigger than the egg, and gives off a soft sweet taste. Inside it is a white juicy pulp with about 3 to 5 brown seeds. Despite this, it is a fruit that people quickly come to love and it is easy to eat straight out of its rind. SANTOL (Sandoricum koetjape) Children love climbing santol trees and eating their fruits. As for the seeds, these must not be swallowed as it caused deaths in Asia. Santol is the size of an apple. Santol Fruit. From the exotic pitahaya to the everyday orange, fruit here is plentiful, diverse, and cheap. The texture of the fruit is spongy, which is a bit unusual for people who aren’t used to it. Jaboticaba is an exotic tropical fruit that grows on the tree trunk, used to make jellies, juice or wine. Because of its skin’s resemblance with that of snake’s, it is called snake fruit. In English, it has been known as velvet apple or velvet persimmon. If you visit Mexico and don’t eat fresh fruit, you are really missing out. The santol grown in … Let’s complete this list of exotic fruits with a truly unusual fruit, the santol. Santol fruit, botanically classified as Sandoricum koetjape, is one of two edible fruits found in the Meliaceae, or Mahogany family. The mabolo is the fruit of the Philippine tree with the scientific name Diospyros blancoi or Diospyros philippinensis.It is sometimes spelled mabulo.. It must have been “Exotic Fruits Week” this past week, as Diner E brought a couple of Jabong to share with everyone, while Diner A brought a few bags full of Santol. 35. The fruit is a thick skinned berry and native to different states of Brazil. If you come from a northern country, just try a banana. It is also known as cotton fruit. Jabong – a citrus fruit very similar to grapefruit – is also known as Boh Look (in Cantonese), Pomelo, Pumello or Shaddock . It also works as an antioxidant. Santol is among the tropical fruits native to Southeast Asia referred to as wild mangosteen or cotton fruit that comes in a yellow or red variety. "S. indicum" and "S. nervosum") is a tropical fruit grown in southeast Asia. 16. When you cut the skin off, you’ll notice the similarities with the mangosteen fruit straight away, with a bunch of wedges of flesh tied together. The santol fruit can be pickled in salt water and can be used as a side dish together with any rice meals.

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